Casa Pacific Costa Rica
CASA PACIFIC / Estates of Costa Rica

Studio Info —

Our founder and adventurer Meyer Godur was frozen, mesmerized, when he first walked the property. “The property spoke to me.”

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5 Years in the Making —

With a series of planned construction events over the 5 year span, Casa Pacific have built over 9 homes, 3 New Roads, a Complete Vehicle and Walking Bridge, community pool and preserved an eco-natural Waterfall that has transformed this natural habitat.Concierge Services are available to ensure a complete resort lifestyle ownership.


Our Construction Team Pros —

A  Second Generation home builder from Ontario, Canada, Brian launched West Coast Builders in 2013. Starting in Redi-Mix Concrete industry, Brian worked his way to junior partner at Bickell Construction & after moving to Costa Rica in 1994, started San Isidro Reality, became a broker with San Jose ReMax & started a property management company that naturally progressed toward him building long lasting quality homes in Costa Rica.


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